Deep Meditation

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Deep Meditation

Why should I meditate?

Suffering stress and the need to chill out is a familiar state for many of us. Our world is fast, furious and exciting. It can also be challenging, trying, demanding and frightening. All of these situations produce stress, emotional reactions, anxiety, worry and anticipation. Our bodies react to this in many ways. We produce far more adrenalin than we need.

  • How much more effective would you be if you could control this daily stress
  • How would it improve your job prospects
  • How would it improve your family life
  • How would it improve your health


ImageHow Does it Work?

Accurately calibrated music synthesis software has been used to create the exact isochronic beat frequencies required to induce deep meditation.

Experimenting through the whole range of alpha waves (from 8 - 12 Hz) it was found that a combination of frequencies consistently caused a simultaneous body and mind relaxation.