Reiki Healing

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Reiki Healing 

Increase your ability to heal yourself and others by amplifying your ability to channel reiki energy.

Using brainwave technology it was found that a certain combination of alpha, delta and theta harmonics improved the transfer of reiki energy from practitioner to patient.

Almost everyone trying these frequencies has agreed that the effect is very beneficial.

How Does it Work?

brainwavesAccurately calibrated music synthesis software has been used to create the exact isochronic beat frequencies required to help channel reiki energy and induce reiki healing. 

Experimenting through the whole range of alpha, delta and theta waves (from 1 - 12 Hz) it was found that a combination of isochronic frequencies consistently assisted the healing function.
To find out more about reiki healing and reiki energy please click here.                
The programme lasts for 60 minutes and has a fantastic success rate.