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Isochiral Music

Binaural Music

  • Beautiful coded music that will change your life
  • Can be played anywhere and anytime - even while you sleep
  • Amazing healing ability
  • Achieve deep meditation states in minutes
  • The most potent brainwave entrainment on the market
  • Functional music at the cutting edge of technology

Isobinaural Manifestation

Kundalini Chakra

Isochiral Affirmations

Solfeggio Music

  • Get anything that you truly desire
  • 100x more powerful than goal setting
  • Turn your wishes into reality
  • Become wealthy simply by listening and visualizing
  • The most powerful law of attraction system on the internet


  • Awaken kundalini energy in a safe and simple way
  • Open, tune and balance the chakra by simply listening to the beautiful music
  • No need for meditation, headphones or mantras. You can even play this while sleeping, exercising or watching TV
  • Proven to be 50 times more effective than affirmations alone
  • Success rates are extremely high
  • Can be played anywhere and anytime - even while you sleep
  • Beautiful to listen to
  • Resolve all fear and guilt
  • Frequencies have been used by geneticists to repair damaged DNA
  • Develop and heal relationships
  • Develop intuition and sixth sense
  • Encourage spiritual enlightenment

Mind Sync Original

Audio Crystal



  • The original brainwave entrainment system
  • No distracting music, hypnosis or subliminals
  • Pure sine wave binaural harmonics system
  • Generates very deep meditations with no effort


  • Crystal healing without the crystals
  • Pure healing sound frequencies derived from the crystals themeselves
  • Mimics the healing effects of each crystal in the series
  • Aromatherapy without the aromatherapy oils
  • Pure healing sound frequencies derived from the aromatherapy oils themselves
  • Mimics the healing effect of each aromatherapy oil in the series
  • 20x more effective than standard subliminals
  • Extremely fast acting
  • Reverse speech technology goes directly into the subconscious